Moving Day

 Well folks, I've finally made it to Kelowna! It was a long drive, but my mom and I arrived in Kelowna at 2pm and didn't stop moving until about 10pm. Today was exhausting, but there were definitely some highlights, so without further ado, I give you the Top 2 Moments of Moving Day!

1. The Log Barn

Oh. My. God. I am OBSESSED with this place. If you've never been, it's pretty much right outside of Vernon and it's this random barn full of various foods, baked goods, souvenirs and there's a little ice cream shop too! Unfortunately, the ice cream shop was closed today...but that's ok because that's not even the best part of this place. The reason I love this place so much is that the lawn out front is the most random assortment of things! There are dinosaurs, there are fake vehicles, there are random animals and creatures, but most importantly there are LIVE goats. I befriended one, as you can see below. I asked him to go up the little ramp and he did so most promptly! He wanted me to take a selfie of him and the Brontosaurus so naturally, I had to. 

The amazing random assortment of things in front of the Log Barn

A goat takes a photo with a Brontosaurus. They look like they may fight.

2. Basil and Mint

So I have my sister to thank for this one! Originally this weekend was going to be a big family trip and my sister, much like myself, loves to plan things so she had already chosen all of the places we would be eating! Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, plans had to be rearranged and it ended up being just my mom and I. We decided to keep the reservation for Basil and Mint though because the menu had looked interesting and honestly we had no idea where else to go! We were so pleasantly surprised by this place, you have no idea. The atmosphere was great, they have a very cute patio with heat lamps you can sit next to. The cocktails were amazing and if you're like my mom and prefer sweeter cocktails, they will make any adjustment you want! Finally, the food was outstanding. Both my mom and I ended up going with the 3 course meal where we got an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert and we did NOT regret it. In fact we both had to roll home it was so good.
If you live in or near Kelowna, I highly recommend this place! They also just started a Happy Hour special on the weekends from 3pm - 5pm so you'll know where to find me on my day off!

House Made Gnocchi with the Raspberry Sunset 

Pan Roasted Duck Breast with seasonal veggies and the Lemon Summer

The most amazing Tiramisu

In conclusion, this was a pretty great first day! If you've ever been to Basil and Mint (or if I just inspired you to go), drop a comment and let me know what you think! If you have any other outstanding dinner recommendations, drop a comment! First day of work is coming up tomorrow so wish me luck!

Whine of the day: Driving 8 1/2 hours is hard, even when you split the driving with your mom. 


  1. So glad you arrived safely. Enjoy your new adventure. ❤️❤️


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