A Return to Sperling Vineyards

 For my first revisit winery, I chose Sperling Vineyards! I had gotten to experience this winery last year when I did an East Kelowna Winery Tour with my sister. I think wine tours are great, however, I never find you get a very personalized experience when it's you and a bunch of strangers trying wine together. After having now two experiences with one on one tastings, I'm not sure I'd ever do a wine tour again! Now without further ado, the wine!

Winery #2: Sperling Vineyards

As I said, this is a repeat winery and I am SO glad I chose to come back here! Sperling is a family winery and has been growing grapes since 1925 and has been certified organic since 2017! They have a large variety of wines that they produce, from sparkling to Foch to Late Harvest wines. They offer 5 different tastings, which is actually pretty cool, but I ended up have sort of a mix between the Premium and the Naturiste. The following wines were what I tasted:

1. 2019 Speriz Pet Nat

This was my first Pet Nat! I've been hearing about it a lot lately, I think it's becoming a lot more popular or at least a lot more well known these days. A Pet Nat is basically a natural sparkling wine as a result of a single, continuous fermentation in the bottle. This Pet Nat was beautiful on the nose, with notes of honey and apricot and that peaches and syrup you typically get in a sweeter Riesling. I was very surprised when I tasted it that it was not at all sweet, but rather more dry to off-dry. Those sweet notes were there when it first hits your mouth, but then it kind of spreads out, allowing a more crisp and refreshing taste to the wine. 

2. 2016 Vision Chardonnay

Once again I find myself with a Chardonnay I quite enjoy! Maybe I shouldn't have stated so early on that I hate Chardonnay because I kind of feel like a liar! Or maybe because I said I hate Chardonnay that the Okanagan is just really trying to prove me wrong. This wine was fermented in French oak and was very light on the nose, with some of that classic bread and minerality! This was very subtle for a Chardonnay with more floral notes, which is probably why I like it so much! I actually ended up purchasing this wine and I look forward to pairing it with something like a salmon in a lemon butter sauce.

3. 2016 Old Vines Riesling

These Riesling vines were planted way back in 1978 and is Sperling's flagship wine. It isn't released until it's been in the bottle for 2 years and is hand-harvested. This tastes like your classic Riesling with the petrol on the nose and white blossom with citrus notes. This wine is very tart to me, but not in an uncomfortable way, it's very balanced. It has a nice long finish and is a very fine wine.

4. 2020 Organic Natural Amber Pinot Gris

This was my first ever orange wine! This is another style that has been really up and coming as of late, and could just be the latest trend or we might see it stick around for a while! If you don't know what orange wine is, it's a white wine that was left on the skins, making an orange colour because the skins don't have that vivacious colour like red grapes do. This wine was not at all what I was expecting, mainly because it was a Pinot Gris that was orange, so it totally messed with my brain. This wine was very fruity, lots of green apple and citrus, even some stone fruit in there and some honey. Was not disappointed in my first orange wine!

5. 2018 Organic Pinot Noir

These grapes are hand-harvest and aged for 12.5 months, making for a very smooth wine. I could smell this wine forever, it had so many gorgeous notes of ripe plum and red cherry. The colour is beautiful, a light ruby with an almost tawny touch to the edges and the mouthfeel on this wine was so balanced. This is a wine that you can definitely put into your cellar for about 5-10 years. 

6. 2017 Old Vines Foch Reserve

For the final wine of the day, I had a Marechal Foch! Now, not many people have heard of this grape varietal. Marechal is a hybrid French red grape but is most commonly grown in Canada and the United States. It really benefits from growing in cooler climates and has the ability to survive harsh growing climates. The Foch vines at Sperling were planted in the 1960s and has a very complex taste. It has a gorgeous deep purple colour with lots a dark fruit notes of blackberry and black currant, some licorice and some more earthy tones. This wine would pair beautifully with a nice BBQ or a braised beef. 

And there you have it folks! Sperling Vineyards, a revisit for me, but definitely a new favourite! Paul was the one who delivered my tasting and he did an excellent job! He's been working for Sperling for a while now and is very knowledgeable about their wines as well as their history. Stay tuned for my next two blog posts, where I make a trip down to the Similkameen Valley with a special guest! Find out how a 2 winery trip turns into a 4 winery plus lunch trip! As always, feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion on Sperling Vineyards or where you think I should try out next!

Whine of the week: I always want to be the only person at a winery for a tasting 


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