Friends at La Frenz!

This was not only my first visit to La Frenz Winery, but my first visit to the Naramata Bench! And let me tell you, it will not be my last. The Naramata Bench is basically this heavenly place of winery after winery after winery and I have a feeling I could easily become trapped there. There are a ton of wineries here that are on my list to visit and I am very excited to do so! I have two very special guests with me this time around; the parents of my very best friend, Linda and Tim! 

Winery: La Frenz Winery

La Frenz is the first winery I've visited on the Naramata Bench and let me tell you, it was a great beginning! It's got an ideal location where you can see the lake, Linda and Tim even pointed out that we could see their house in Summerland from where we were seated! I was really excited to come here because when I told some of my co-workers where I would be visiting, they told me it was one of their favourites, and I can see why! The staff were so kind, the view was beautiful, and the wine was great! Speaking of the wine, let's get to it:

1. 2020 Unoaked Chardonnay

You all know I favour an unoaked Chardonnay. This was very fresh with a nice, well-balanced acidity with. It had notes of green apple, some lemon zest in there, juicy pear with some nice tropical notes of melon and peach. I would say this is absolutely a food pairing wine! In the words of Linda: "This is not a wine to get drunk with" and I completely agree! 

2. 2020 Semillon

I love when I come across a single-varietal Semillon. It's not very common, but I'm a huge fan of the grape! It's more commonly used in blends, but recently it's been gaining popularity as it's own grape! This wine had a gorgeous, fresh scent on the nose and it was full of lemon zest and green apple. There was a bit of herbaceousness in there too, but not too much! The winery encourages you to age this wine for about 7 years and I would be so interested to see what this wine tastes like after cellaring for that long!

3. 2020 Sauvignon Blanc

This is another grape I have a love-hate relationship with depending on how it's been made. This happens to be a Sauvignon Blanc I enjoy! It was very light, although I didn't get too much on the nose. It's very crisp and fresh, with lots of nice citrus notes and some herbaceousness that you would normally find in an Australian Sauvignon Blanc. This is what I like to call the perfect patio wine!

4. 2020 Alexandria

This was a very interesting white blend of Muscat and Schonberger. I've been a fan of Muscat for a while, but I'm not at all familiar with Schonberger! I think this is probably the first time I've ever had it, even in a blend! This was a very aromatic white wine, full of orange blossom and peach, and there were even some spicier notes like baking spices in there! This would be great wine to pair with some spicy food! 

We were only supposed to get a tasting of 4 wines but ended up getting 10!!

5. 2020 Viognier 

This was definitely a favourite in our group! I absolutely love Viognier and I know I've said it before, but I'm so glad it's starting to gain popularity! This is a very aromatic grape and had lots of stone fruit and floral notes on the nose. On the mouth this is a much more full-bodied white wine. Very fresh, with lots of fresh lemon, peach and honeysuckle, as well as some spiciness in there! I wrote in my notes "this was a winner for Tim and Linda" and I'm pretty sure we all bought a bottle!

6. 2018 Syrah

This Syrah has such a beautiful smell, full of those nice, jammy fruits of plums and dark cherries. The white pepper really cuts through with this wine, but it balances well with the fruit. This is a great food pairing wine and I would likely put it with a nice roast lamb, or even a pasta with a nice rich mushroom sauce to it. This has a very nice long finish to it!

7. 2018 Malbec

This is a nice Malbec, but not as heavy as I would expect. It had a beautiful, deep purple colour. You get a lot of cherries right on the nose and it's nice and spicy with lots of fresh berries as well. It has a beautiful mouthfeel with balanced tannins and has a gorgeous long finish to it. This is another one that would be great with food! You could probably pair it with a nice juicy burger covered in BBQ sauce with those mini onion rings on top. If you're feeling a bit more fancy, then you could go with a nice beef brisket!

8. 2018 Cabernets

This was a nice blend of predominantly Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, but there was also a bit of Malbec. Beautiful on the nose with a mix of black and red fruit. It has such an interesting taste to it! Very drying but still full of gorgeous fruits, predominantly dark cherry and blackberry. This feels like a wine you would want to drink in the middle of winter, curled up next to the fire. This was the winner for all of us at the table when it came to the reds! 

9. NV Tawny Port

Something unique about La Frenz is that they offer 3 different Fortified Wines! Now maybe this is more common the more South you go, but it was a nice change to try a dessert wine that wasn't Icewine! This NV Tawny Port was stunning. It smells and tastes exactly like maple syrup, I don't even know how else to describe it. They make this Port using a Solera System which blends together different vintages, making this a non-vintage Port. Solera Systems are pretty cool, I can go into it a bit more if you'd like, just drop a comment! 

10. NV Liqueur Muscat

Our final wine of the afternoon was this beautiful Liqueur Muscat! It had a gorgeous burnt orange colour and that was reflected in the scent, because it was almost a burnt honey and caramel smell. This had a very syrupy texture with very nice, slow legs. This is actually a perfect summer dessert wine, I can just picture myself out on the patio sipping on this while eating a slice of cheesecake. 

Special shoutout to our taster Daniel! He had only been on the job 2 weeks, but he was so sweet and attentive with a lot of knowledge about the wines! He made great suggestions and had the wine we wanted to order at the end ready to go!

You guys, La Frenz was such a nice experience. The view was great, the wine was fantastic and I would absolutely come back here in a heartbeat! I highly recommend visiting La Frenz if you're ever around the Naramata Bench! 

Whine of the Day: Why can't it be socially acceptable to drink dessert wine every day?


  1. The ports sound yummy...what is Solera system?

    1. They had a Vintage Port as well, but only Tim got to try it! He bought a bottle so safe to say, it was good!

      A Solera system is basically a way of aging wine, sherry, even brandy. The wine goes into a barrel and it starts to age. At the end of a certain period of time, the winemaker will tap the barrel to bottle its contents, then it is refilled with wine from the next oldest barrel. It's pretty cool! The barrels are never emptied, they are just refilled from each of their predecessors, so some of these wines that are made using the Solera system can actually contain wine that is 20 years old!


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