Walk-In Wineries: The Return to Rust

Welcome back all! I've been a bit slack on posting lately because it was my birthday!! But I'm back now and I'll try and put these posts out on a more timely manner! As I mentioned in my last post, I'm dedicating this entire post to Rust. Not only because I love the winery, but because I was fortunate enough to be able to try 10 of their wines! That's basically their entire profile for free because Rust does not have a tasting fee. That's something very unique and honestly I wish more wineries would do it because it makes wine way more accessible to people who don't necessarily like wine but want to try more but don't want to drop a pretty penny for a tasting. 

The Winery:
Rust Wine Co.

Rust is a winery located down in Oliver, specifically located on the Golden Mile Bench. Their first vines were planted in the 1970s with Gewurztraminer plantings and it's been growing ever since! I first visited this winery last summer when my sister made us visit because she had enjoyed it so much her first time! They have the cutest tasting patio and even if it's incredibly hot outside they have a covered tasting area so that you don't completely die in the sunshine and heat!

1. 2020 Gewurztraminer

Not even kidding, I thought this was an orange when when I first saw it because it really does have a slight orange tinge to it. This is the welcome wine this year and it is perfect for a hot summer's day! As I mentioned above, these are the oldest vines that Rust owns so they've definitely perfected the art of the Gewurztraminer over the years. This one was so nice with lots of citrus and floral notes, but still had that classic spiciness to it. 

2. 2018 Pinot Gris

These grapes came from the Similkameen and the wine was aged in stainless steel; it saw no oak! This one is so light and fresh on the nose with notes of lemon, chamomile and I think I even got a hint of petrol on the nose which is very unusual. This was a very fresh wine, again perfect for a hot day! It had the same notes as before with the citrus and chamomile, but it was a bit more herbal in the mouth.

3. 2020 Rose

I remember loving the 2019 version of Rust's Rose and nothing changed with the 2020, in fact I liked it even more! This one is made from 100% Syrah, different from last year because they actually change it up every year! On the nose there was a ton of raspberry, strawberry, and something herbaceous! On the palate it was super fruity but still a dry style so didn't taste artificially sweet. This is such a juicy, gorgeous rose, I can't wait to keep trying it each year.

4. 2020 Gamay

Hello it's me, a sucker for Gamay! The smell of this one is just heavenly, with loads of ripe red cherry and raspberry. They serve this wine slightly chilled and honestly I love it because that's how I always drink my Gamay. It's very light bodied with minimal tannins and the taste is just so fruit froward. I wrote in my little notebook "I always dies for a good Gamay." Needless to say, I left Rust with a bottle of this.

5. 2019 Cabernet Franc

This was definitely more of a fruit-forward Cabernet Franc, at least on the nose. I got a lot of red fruit, specifically raspberry! This was definitely more of a light-bodied version of a Cab Franc, but I quite liked it. On the palate I still got a lot of that raspberry, but it was full of spices as well. I always say that Cab Franc is an excellent food-pairing wine and this one is no exception!

6. 2018 Zinfandel

I remembered loving the Zinfandel's from Rust last time so I was excited for this one! This wine came from 50+ year old vines and is just beautiful. It's full of nice jammy black fruit on the nose and in the mouth it's so light and fruity, but it still has complexity to it with some spiciness on the palate. This Zin has a nice, long finish to it and just backs up my saying that this is a beautiful wine!

7. 2014 Cabernet Merlot

Speaking of beautiful wine, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is big, bold, and beautiful. It has nice garnet colour and on the nose it's full of red cherry and ripe blackberry. This one packs a punch in your mouth with those jammy fruits from the Merlot and the black pepper spiciness from the Cabernet. It has a gorgeous mouthfeel, so well rounded and just sits in your mouth forever. If you're a fan of blends, this is the wine for you!

The following three wines were given to me as a Horizontal Tasting. For those of you who don't know what that means, a horizontal tasting is when you try the same wine from the same year, but the grapes are from different regions, or in this case different vineyards. These are always super interesting to do and I was excited to do it with Rust's Syrah!

1. 2018 Golden Mile Syrah

As you can probably guess, the Syrah grapes from this wine were from the Golden Mile in Oliver. This wine is definitely candle worthy!! It's full of jammy black fruits like plum and cherry, and various spices in there like black pepper. It has a very nice body to it, and everything you get on the nose is on the palate, making for an excellent wine.

2. 2018 Black Sage Syrah

So for those of you who don't know, Black Sage is essentially across the road from Golden Mile. They are very close and yet they produce very different wine. The Black Sage Syrah is a lot more subtle on the nose than the first one. It's also more light bodied and with more spice on the palate, but it's still full of those nice black fruits. This wine has nice velvety tannins and was a great second contender!

3. 2018 Similkameen Valley Syrah

Last, and certainly not least, the Syrah from the Similkameen Valley! I have to admit, this was definitely the winner for me! It had all of those nice jammy black fruits, but was super spicy on the nose and had some more anise on the palate than the others. This was just beautifully balanced in the mouth and is definitely a wine I would drink over and over!

There you have it folks! One winery, ten different wines, a great tasting! If you ever find yourself doing a wine tour in Oliver, Rust is a must-visit winery for sure! 

Tune in next time for when I visit more wineries in West Kelowna! 

Whine of the week: I wish more wineries did Horizontal Tastings 


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