Birthday Extravaganza!!! Part 3!!!

Hello all my lovely people! We are halfway through my birthday extravaganza! Who's ready for Part 3? We finally head out of Kelowna and down to Summerland and then Oliver for mostly new wineries! In this post I will be covering our visit to Dirty Laundry, which seems to be a crowd favourite among anyone who's visited Kelowna, and down to Burrowing Owl which is another winery that I've eaten at but never done a wine tasting! Our first stop on today's journey was actually to Summerland Sweets! If you've never been, it's this really cute shop that sells jams, syrups, nuts, and more! There's also a cute ice cream shop that I'm going to have to return to because it looked really good. If you're ever in the area, definitely stop by!

Winery #1: Dirty Laundry Vineyard

The amount of people that told me I had to visit Dirty Laundry during my time here is just staggering! Basically Dirty Laundry is kind of this speakeasy/saloon-themed winery that's super campy but also super adorable. My sister wasn't a huge fan of how hyped up the place seemed to be, but I didn't mind it too much! Once you enter the tasting room it feels like you're at a stage almost. My only complaint would be that the woman giving the taster was giving it to 3 groups at the same time and so it was hard to hear everything she was saying, but that didn't deter from how much I enjoyed the wine!

1. 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

First up was a Sauvignon Blanc, an interesting choice as a first wine in my opinion! This version was very dry and very light and going forward I understood more why it was first up! This Sauvignon Blanc was full of citrus and pear, and even some more tropical notes like pineapple. Normally I find Sauvignon Blanc too acidic, but I actually found myself wishing there was more acidity to this one!

2. 2019 'Say Yes' Pinot Gris

This wine had a really cute story to it, all about how a man had asked a woman to marry him while they were drinking this wine and so in the years to come they would always refer to it as their "Say Yes" wine and when they told someone at Dirty Laundry (I think it was the winemaker or someone high up like that) they actually renamed the Pinot Gris to "Say Yes." This is an off-dry styl Pinot Grid and had lots of citrus and peach on the nose. This one had a nice high acidity to it and it balanced the flavours of the wine very well!

3. Secret Affair 2020

I'm obsessed with the bottle for this wine! It's almost a frosted glass with a keyhole in the front of the bottle and when you look through it you can see a man and a woman seemingly having an affair! This is a blend of Gewurztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Viognier and Chardonnay. This one literally looked like water in the glass, but it was bursting with flavour! It had such a mixture of fruit and flowers, with a hint of sweetness to it. It was quite stunning and I definitely bought a bottle for myself!

4. 2020 Dangerous Liaisons

This was a unique blend of Merlot and Malbec, aged in stainless steel tanks aka completely unoaked! Our taster called this wine the "gateway to the dark side" meaning it's an easy red wine to start with if you're not a red wine drinker and I couldn't agree more. This was gorgeous on the nose with lots of strawberry and cherry. Surprisingly light on the palate, considering the grapes that are used in the blend. Overall, definitely an easy start to drinking red wine!

5. 2018 Kay Syrah

Can I just say how much I love the name of this wine? I think it's so clever.  Anyway, that's all I needed to say about that! This Syrah was barrel-aged for 18 months and smells just like blackberry jam. This wine is just so firm in the mouth, the tannins sit there and keep on growing. In the mouth it was just a burst of black fruit and spices, exactly the way a Syrah should be!

I would love to return to Dirty Laundry for lunch or dinner one day as I've heard their pizza is incredible. Unfortunately we were there too early for the restaurant to be open and making their food, but I will bring my mother back one day and we will have this famous pizza! They also have a saloon part of the winery where they serve only beer, which I would also like to try one day!

Winery #2: Burrowing Owl Estate Winery

Burrowing Owl is a winery I've been to for lunch (which is amazing by the way) but have never had the opportunity to do a tasting at until now. This winery is located all the way down in Oliver and even offers its own housing! They have a couple rooms available as a hotel rental, which I've heard are very much worth the price they're offered at. As for the wines? Let's discuss!

1. 2020 Pinot Gris

The only white wine of the whole tasting! This one was very light on the nose with citrus and a bit of chamomile. On the palate you get all that, but also some stone fruit. This is definitely done in more of an off-dry style and was very tasty! This is one of those white wines that would pair excellently with Thai food or anything else that has a lot of spice to it!

2. 2018 Merlot

This Merlot smelled exactly like cherries and chocolate! It was highly acidic for a Merlot but didn't detract from anything. It was very light and spicy on the palate, with some jammy red fruit and baking spices, with a bit of a floral aspect like violets in there. This is the kind of wine I would probably want food with! It was pretty tannic so having something like braised lamb with this would carry it beautifully. 

3. 2018 Cabernet Franc

Here is another wine I would definitely want food with! This Cabernet Franc was nice and light on the nose with some red currant and black plum, and loads of spices. In the mouth the tannins were very present and again those spicy notes from the nose really popped out! It was a bit heavier on the black fruit aspect in the mouth for this one, but overall a very pleasant wine!

4. 2018 Athene

This red wine was a blend of 51% Syrah and 49% Cabernet Sauvignon and the grapes are actually co-fermented, which isn't too common. Of the red wines we tried, I would have to say this was my favourite! It was a beautiful deep purple colour and one the nose had some nice cassis and blackberry notes. In the mouth those fruits were reflected again and there was a ton of black pepper in there! This wine was very tannic as well, but not too overwhelming! 

5. 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon spent 18 months in oak and was very lovely! There was a lot of blackberry and black cherry popping out at me on the nose. In the mouth it was just a mixture of all sorts of black fruit and spice. The tannins were nice and firm and gave the wine a nice body. While I was trying this Cabernet, all I could think of was how good it would pair with a nice black peppercorn-crusted steak.

6. NV Coruja

I had no idea that Burrowing Owl did a dessert wine, so I was pleasantly surprised by this! It's a Port-style wine made from Syrah and uses the Solera system. This one smelled just like a blackberry syrup! Even though it's a dessert wine, there's still some spice in there! I would suspect that's because of it being made from Syrah. It's not as sweet as a traditional dessert wine, and I was very on board with it and ended up buying a bottle!

So far I've eaten at the restaurant at Burrowing Owl and done a wine tasting, so all that's left for me to do is stay at their accommodations! It's definitely on my bucket list so I'll have to figure out how to make that happen...maybe a little mini-vacation before I'm finished here for the summer? We shall see!

That's it for Birthday Extravaganza Part 3! We've finally made it down south and for the final part, we remain in Oliver for the final two wineries! The two days spent wine tasting for my birthday were so fun and I HAVE to give a special shoutout to my mom and Chris for being the best DDs we could ask for! Stay tuned for Part 4, coming soon!

Whine of the day: Every winery should serve pizza


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