Girls Day in Kelowna!

Welcome back all! In today's post, we return with some very special guests and visit some brand new wineries for me! On this winery day I was joined by Carlie, Sarah, and Ava! We had a day full of new wineries and the most incredible food truck I've ever been to. It was a scorcher of a day and a bit smoky, but we made the most of it! Without further ado, the wineries!

Winery #1: Spearhead Winery

Spearhead is a cute winery located in East Kelowna and specialize in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling! They have a very nice patio where the tastings are done, it overlooks East Kelowna and all the tables have very cute red umbrellas set up. Unfortunately we arrived on one of the more smokier days so the view wasn't quite as good, but I still appreciated it! You're also surrounded by their vineyards, which I always enjoy when tasting wine. 

1. 2020 Pinot Gris

This first wine was, as the youths call it, a "patio pounder." It's a really easy to drink Pinot Gris with a ton of green apple on the nose and in the mouth. I'm not sure if this will make sense, but it just tasted really juicy in my mouth. Like a juicy apple I guess! There were also notes of pineapple, pear and peach. There was a touch of sweetness to this wine, which definitely added to it's classification of a "patio pounder."

2. 2019 Riesling

One of my favourite facts about the Riesling is that the grapes are actually foot stomped! That's pretty uncommon these days so to hear that Spearhead is still foot stomping some of their grapes gave me some joy. There was a lot of peach and petroleum on the nose with this Riesling and I found it to be quite acidic in the mouth! Lots of minerality and citrus in the mouth, would definitely want to pair this wine with some food to tone down the acidity!

3. 2020 Pinot Noir Rose

The grapes for this wine are foot stomped too! Ok I'll stop getting excited about the foot stomping now. This Rose had a gorgeous colour to it after spending 48 hours on the skins. It was just this beautiful, almost candy apple red colour. This is one of the faceful of strawberries wines! It's very soft in the mouth with flavours of rhubarb, grapefruit and strawberry. I know I said the Pinot Gris is the patio pounder, but this Rose is the one I will be opting for!

4. 2019 Pinot Noir Golden Retreat

Finally we get to the varietal that Spearhead is most known for and also happens to be my favourite: the Pinot Noir! This one smells incredible with tons of cherry, vanilla and pepper. It's very nice in the mouth, although I found it a bit spicier than I had expected! This was a very lovely, well rounded version of a Pinot Noir.

5. 2018 Pinot Noir Cuvee

Ok now THIS is what I was waiting for. This is my candle-worthy Pinot Noir. Once the wine has been barrel-aged, the winemaker picks his 14 favourite barrels and blends those together to make the Cuvee. On the nose it was just tons of red cherry and plum, with some mushroom and a more earthy quality to it as well. This wine is just so delicate but complex at the same time and if you get the chance to try it, do it!! They've moved on to their 2019 vintage now, but if they still have the 2018 make sure you pick up a bottle while you still can!

Everyone told me I would love Spearhead because of their Pinot Noir, and they were correct! If you're a Pinot Noir lover like me, you should most definitely put Spearhead on your list of wineries to visit next!

Winery #2: Priest Creek

The second winery today was Priest Creek, the youngest winery in East Kelowna! This is only their second year open, but they're certainly not holding back just because they're young! They are a family owned and operated winery that was started because the owners wanted to share their farming roots with their children. The children are even hands on learning about the vines and the business of wines! Pretty cool if you ask me.

1. 2020 Gewurztraminer

Ah Gewurztraminer, I love this grape so much. The Gewurzt at Priest Creek comes from their oldest premium vines. It smells amazing, with tons of lychee and white blossom jumping out. This was done in a dry style, so no sweetness and that allows more of the classic spiciness to jump out. This is delicious, there's a lot going on in this wine!

2. 2020 Chardonnay

Priest Creek does their Chardonnay in an unoaked style and it's quite light! On the nose you get a touch of citrus and vanilla with a slight floral aspect as well. On the palate I get similar flavours of the citrus and vanilla, but there's a touch of white peach in there with the floral notes as well! I'll be fully honest, this wasn't my fabourite Chardonnay I've had, but if you're someone that despises oaked Chardonnay, then this is probably the one for you!

3. 2019 Pinot Gris

This is definitely one of the more interesting Pinot Gris' I've had in a while! It has a beautiful smell, lots of lemon and caramel notes. This wine actually went through a bit of malolactic fermentation, so that explains why there's caramel in a Pinot Gris! Again, super interesting on the palate. The same lemony caramel I got on the nose, but some nice green apple and pear notes start to come out as well. This is very smooth on the palate and I can fully say this is not a Pinot Gris you want to miss!

4. 2018 Border Block Merlot

This Merlot from Priest Creek spent 30 months in new French oak so I was a little cautious when I tried it! That's a long time for a wine to sit in oak, especially a Merlot! I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out though. Lots of jammy fruit on the nose, with a hint of that oak coming through with some chocolate. In the mouth I got a  lot of the same, but it had a more woody/earthy quality to it. I actually quite like this Merlot but it's frustrating me because I can't quite place any of those more complex flavours.

5. 2019 Oxbow Syrah

I'm sad to say that they've sold out of this beautiful Syrah, but I'll mention it anyway! This spent 12 months aging in new French oak and is SO aromatic. Lots of jammy black fruit, some of that classic peppery quality as well. In the mouth you get all of that nice blackberry, black plum, black cherry and black pepper with just a hint of vanilla to pull it all together!

I can't talk about Priest Creek without mentioning the incredible food truck they have onsite! It's called Creative Creations and I don't think I've ever had a better taco in my entire life. If you find yourself visiting Priest Creek, you must 100% stop by the food truck as well! They basically take your classic food truck items and then elevate them. I couldn't recommend them any higher.

Big thank you to Sarah, Carlie and Ava for joining me on my Kelowna wine touring adventures! Wine day with the girls is always guaranteed to be a good time!

Join me next time, where I visit two of my favourite wineries up in Lake Country!

Whine of the day: Every winery should have a food truck 


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