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Walk-In Wineries: Friends Edition

Hello hello! Welcome back to another round of Walk-In Wineries! In today's edition, we have special guests for each winery, even though they were done on completely separate days. The first of two is Sandhill, where I'm joined by Carlie and Sarah and the second, Crown and Thieves, I'm joined by Chris. Two very different and unique experiences so let's get into it! Winery #1: Sandhill Estate Winery Sandhill is this cute winery tucked in the downtown area of Kelowna inside an industrial building. On the outside it may not look like much, but the inside is this very modern, very chique tasting lounge! Sandhill has a very unique Single Vineyard Philosophy. All of the wines in their profile are made from grapes that come from one of their six vineyards. I don't think I've ever been to a winery where ALL of their wines are single vineyard, usually it's just a couple or a particular collection and I think that's what makes me love Sandhill so much. They also ha