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Lake Country Favourites

Welcome back! I'm trying to get better at posting these a bit more frequently, but since I'm the queen of procrastination I can't make any promises. Today we head back up to Lake Country and visit two of my all-time favourite wineries, that just happen to be located across the street from each other! These were some of the first wineries I ever visited in Kelowna and I always enjoy going back. Winery #1: Intrigue Winery If you ever want good wine for an affordable price, Intrigue is the place for you! These wines are of incredible quality and won't break the bank. Intrigue has only been around since 2008 but they've certainly been making waves. The winery is owned and operated by two different families who came together because of a shared love of wine. The tasting was awesome, I got to try a lot of wines I hadn't gotten to before, even some wines reserved for their wine club members! 1. 2019 Chardonnay This Chardonnay is aged 30% in new oak and 70% in stainless

Girls Day in Kelowna!

Welcome back all! In today's post, we return with some very special guests and visit some brand new wineries for me! On this winery day I was joined by Carlie, Sarah, and Ava! We had a day full of new wineries and the most incredible food truck I've ever been to. It was a scorcher of a day and a bit smoky, but we made the most of it! Without further ado, the wineries! Winery #1: Spearhead Winery Spearhead is a cute winery located in East Kelowna and specialize in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling! They have a very nice patio where the tastings are done, it overlooks East Kelowna and all the tables have very cute red umbrellas set up. Unfortunately we arrived on one of the more smokier days so the view wasn't quite as good, but I still appreciated it! You're also surrounded by their vineyards, which I always enjoy when tasting wine.  1. 2020 Pinot Gris This first wine was, as the youths call it, a "patio pounder." It's a really easy to drink Pinot Gris w

Welcome to Covert Farms Family Estate

Welcome back all! Today I'll only be featuring one winery because it was such a cool experience and I don't want to take away from it by having to condense some stuff. Let's get to it! The Winery: Covert Farms Family Estate Look, I'll admit that when I found this place I didn't think it would actually be a farm, but I was quickly proven wrong! Covert Farms is a 4th generation organic farm and winery and has been around since 1959. When it comes to wine, they take more of a minimal-intervention approach in an attempt to make their vines more resilient and less susceptible to climate change. Because I didn't really know anything about Covert before I got there, I wanted to do a tasting that would allow me to really get a sense of their wines and who they are, so I opted to do the Private Epicurean Grand Reserve Tasting! Try saying that 5 times fast...The tasting involved 7 wines from their profile paired with locally sourced cheeses and cured meats, and even fresh

Walk-In Wineries: New and Old Favourites

Welcome back! I hate to say it, but we are past the Extravaganzas! For the meantime, I welcome you back for another edition of Walk-In Wineries! I visited both of these wineries a while back, but I needed to get through both of my extravaganzas before I could focus on these ones. This time around I visit a new winery that quickly became a favourite, and an old winery that remains a favourite! No special guests today, just me and my notebook.  Winery #1: Ancient Hill First up is the new winery that quickly became a new favourite of mine. This winery is located right behind the Kelowna airport and has been around since the early 1990s. The first vineyards were planted in 2005 and the first vintage was released in 2009. For being such a young winery, they certainly know what they do well. Ancient Hill grows only 6 different grape varietals and I was lucky enough to get to try all 6 of them! 1. 2018 Pinot Gris This Pinot Gris was nice and light, very crisp and refreshing. It has a